via instagram @tambuchristel BLACK LOVE – A man told me that he would never date anything else than a black woman. He loves women. Respects women. He’s a man who thinks that a black man who mistreat a black woman doesn’t love himself. Doesn’t love his mum. I told him that I was colour blind […]

via instagram. I woke this morning and thought about the things I’ve wished for. I witness so many result products of lack of proper upbringing and delusional beings that managed to convince themselves that the way they live is right. I feared I’d meet another like this because i know that id leave simply because […]

Via instagram. Him ❤ I don’t know how to explain what can’t be explained but felt. I don’t know everything about everything but I know how it feels. Manhood is glory. womenhood is precious. Morals and values shall guide us both and bring us love in abundance. You are beautiful. Divinely sculptured and intellectually strong. […]

Good afternoon guys, Let’s talk about my journey as a presenter!! First and foremost, I would like tell you that it was great dipping onto something new!! Not only was it brilliant but I happen to be great at it!! Therefore, I’ve decided to do more of them and I’m looking forward to it! Being […]

To be added to the biography – Live TV Presenter Thank you for being here with me and witness my professional and personal growth each time. I’m adding to my never ending resume that I am also a ‘Live TV Presenter’. I am thankful to the organisation who allowed me to do my debut in […]