This used to be Christina’s house!! I am posting about this one because while getting caught up on celebrities’ homes on youtube I saw this videos below and remember that I actually saw it!! and took pictures of it!! Beverly Hills,CA – The quality isn’t great because i took the picture with my phone at the […]

COSMOPILITAN UK: Do you have individual and inspirational style? TAMBU-CHRISTEL:  My daughter force me to have one I think!! My name is Tambu-christel, 24, and I have beautiful children. My eldest daughter Tara loves to see me dressed to impress when i take her out. I am a young fun mother but I love wearing classy/elegant […]

COSMOPOLITAN UK: What is your secret to getting the best start in the morning… TAMBU-CHRISTEL: My name is Tambu-christel. I’m 24years old. I am an aspiring singer/songwriter and a proud mother! It’s very simple for me…all i do is kiss my children first thing in the morning and my day is filled with happiness. Then I […]

It was a bad day for many. While people were debating whether to be sad about it or not her parents felt the unbearable. Amy Winehouse left on July 23, 2011 and I cried. She was very talented and I think she was so misunderstood by many. Her voice was unique and her music came from […]

So my man @silentbx (twitter) posted a link on Facebook saying that a Brandy‘s birthday celebration was going down at Kempire Radio and that we should tune in so i did. I went and check out the link and the vibe was crazy Brandy was talking to the host and expressing her love (friendship) for @silentbx and it was sincere and touching and […]

Once upon a time I used to love YouTube. I would post videos every months until i discovered Vimeo then i became a vimeo person and forgot all about YouTube!! When i used to use it though, the above website published my “home made” video of my cover of Brandy’s track: How High. Check it below and […]

The day I visited ATLANTIC in LA was yet another experience that make you feel blessed you are able to do what you really want to do in life while so many people have jobs they hate!! This picture is dated and at the time I was thinking “I think i am getting on top […]

I hated you because you made me. You know what you did, how you lied and now you’ve lost. I hated you for founding sense in your insanity. Talking to me like I was crazy for your friends to find you cool while your son was dying. I still do not understand how a father […]

Guess who I’ve met back in LA? Radio personality Big Boy and his crew. It was a fun sunny day and I’ve also met miss Jess Burks who runs a successful motivational websites. Great pictures were taken and beautiful memories were made that day!!

So, where do I start…. I was on holiday when I heard that Missy Elliot was coming around for a concert. I turned up at the door and said: “Listen, my name is Tambu and I was told I could get a pass to meet missy here…” etc and the staff members were trying to look me […]