MESSAGE: “Men I previously dated were not ready for the things I was ready for.”

via Facebook by Tambu-christel.

MESSAGE TO YOUNGER GIRLS FOLLOWING ME – I can honestly say that it came a time where I would entertain unhealthy situations with men and when things didn’t work out, I thought I was to blame. However, this is how I finally came to realise I wasn’t: 

Although I am not perfect, I am the type of wife/girlfriend that would care for you, your well being, your business, your children. You family becomes mine so I do the same for them. I will ride for you in the highs and lows and comfort you when you need strength. These among so many other things. Of course, I will present myself well. BUT… THESE MEN ….weren’t ready for it at that time. Some never had that so they didn’t know how to handle it. Some went to the extend of fearing I was here to trick and trap them into other things. I never belittled them even when they were clear f**k ups. I am not the partying type. I would even “ask permission” on certain things.

Time past and E.V.E.R.Y. S.I.N.G.L.E. O.N.E of them returned!! They had to go out and see “what these girls do out there” to realise I was jewel!!! If they blocked me on some places, they unblocked me with a “Hey big head”. If I blocked them somewhere they would message me from another platform with a “Baby I miss you”.

Ladies, you are NOT necessarily the problem. Some guys don’t know how good they have it. Especially in this generation!! Again, I am not perfect and neither are you… but if you are like me reading this? Just know that the right one WILL BE READY for you and take you off the market without a doubt! Do not go back to people who did you wrong when the only thing you were guilty of was to love them and cater to them in a world where all the odds are against them!! 

It is hard when you BELIEVE to be in love but DO NOT GIVE THESE GUYS THINGS THEY DO NOT DESERVE!! Only your HUSBAND should have all the things I mentioned above and more!! KEEP YOUR GOODS AND GIFT FOR YOUR FUTURE HUSBAND!! For, only him will be worthy!!

Love, Tam ❤💚💙💜💛

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