MESSAGE: “Girl, you are beautiful.”

via Facebook by Tambu-christel.

Girl, you are beautiful. Not your face. Not your body but your soul. 

The way you smile, the way you laugh and the way you are. Pure Gold and light.

This!! I always tell people that I don’t like when anyone calls me beautiful because beauty fades. If you want to grab my attention you gotta come up with real compliments such as intellect, culture, various abilities of your choice that I may have to you, values and mannerism you see in me, reference to anything related to education. Maybe you love the way I handle my home and children. 

I do take care of myself. I like looking cute, smell good and have a clean cut style so I am aware that you will notice BUT do not approach me until you see more in me more in me than “Beauty”. 

What is the use of beauty in raising these kids?

What is the use of beauty in paying these bills?

What is the use of beauty is cooking these meals?

What is the use of beauty in overall things that truly matters?

Thank you for your compliments. I truly appreciate them but flattering my ego with a stupid amount of remarks about my look is a hell NO on the low. The people who know me in real life, already know but for those I will never meet – keep this in mind if you are persuing a keeper in real life πŸ–’πŸ’›

With love,


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