Losing value of self due to unhealthy past situations.

via facebook by Tambu-christel

Some of us women have lost the value of ourselves due to series of unhealthy relationships. Verbal abuse from our parents, family members, friends and overall people that mattered to us the most. You perhaps were bullied at school and/or by people (men and women) in your entourage growing up. Some of you/us may have never noticed the effects it truly had on us. We grew to encourage and/or entertain dysfunctional situations with our partners, new friends, our children and/or family members not knowing that we carried pain and burden that were too hard to bare.

I personally didn’t live all that but I did encounter dysfunction and sometimes it gets so deep that it becomes “comfort” as if these situations are all we know. Well children, it is NOT and you are truly free to break these chains. It seems hard. It feels very challenging but you owe your yourself to love yourself.

Have a safe healing and thanks to all my friends ❤ for all that you are currently doing and/or have done in the past to help a sis get to new levels of understanding. Love you all always.

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