INSPIRATIONAL STORIES: “My parents arranged a marriage for me.”

Via facebook from Jesicca Beavers in Autralia.

**Please excuse her english. I will not auto-correct it as I want it to be authentic to what she wrote. Regards, Tam.”

My family arranged marriage for me when I was 13with a guy he was 16 years old I never met him in my life and I won’t have a clue how he look till the wedding day I suppose, I was have no choice my family won’t let me go anywhere not even on to the local shop, and again in Java young marriage is very common and family arrangements mean for us to get the best partner. Long story short, -4 my wedding day ,all I have was little bit money, flip flop, and the pijama that I wore, I said I’m going to see my friend in neighbourhood, soon as I saw public transport I jump in it, I have no destination, no plans I just don’t want married. That was back in 1999, I stay homeless in buss station for 3 weeks, lucky I meet good people, store owner, they give me job and clothes during my homeless time, selling newspapers, peanuts, cigarettes I make 10 cents a day and that was wooowww back then I feel rich 😁 then I met a lady who is maid agency she took me, give me job as a maid and that when all my life begins. 2 years as a maid, then I start work for restaurant and hotels, able to study, and finally work for western company, I never return home till 10 years later, lots of thing happens in 10 years, and I’m glad I took that decision. When I’m back now in my hometown I saw my school friends they have 2-3 growing kids, have no time to look after them self, struggled with financial and have no confidence in themselves, I’ve learned so much from it. Bottom line is if we not take control of our life then the life control us. No one can change our destiny but ourself. And I’m glad I follow my gut that day. 18 years since I run away from home I met the man I love and I married to him back in 2014 I’ve never been happier. Right now I live and study Midwife in WA and my life is fantastic. This is the story that will remains in my heart forever.

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