My little sisters – I love you ❤

via Facebook.


Hey baby girl,

My name is Tam and I am 29 years old. I look and act like a 16yrs old teen a lot though. Oh hell it’s life. You call me big sister and I love you dearly. I am an African girl from Europe yet I landed on your mobile devices at your home. I am a free spirit, spontanious and adventurous but I am also educated. I hope that you live life to the fullest but I hope that you believe in education also.

Something in you found something special in me and I would like to tell you that I am extremely happy that you find inspiration in me but baby sis hear me out:

I am not perfect. I have done things in my life that probably made my father wonder why him! A single child. A girl? This crazy girl? Yes dad, me. So understand that what you see me wear and the way my wadrobe look is only a part of the girl in me. Like you, I doubt and I fear baby. Like you I laugh and I cried and like you I hate men 90% of the time.

I want you to do just that “find inspiration” in me to work harder. However, I do not want you to ever wish you had whatever you see me because I want you to have more within you. I want you to be a woman that understand the value of self. I want you to be stronger than I ever was. If, God forbid, I died tonight. I want to know that reading this and other relevant posts I write did teach you that life is beyond instagram. Beyond google. Beyond TV. I want your soul to be the woman I never was.

Baby girls, all of you, I love you. Be the better version of me. There are no greater than you.



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