2017: A new peaceful place.

Good morning Strong Ones,

2016 was a challenging year but it still brought amazing new people and elements in my life.

2017 will be yet another year full of growth. I am excited to enter this new chapter in my life. 

I have gone through incredible amounts of changes and transitions this year. My divorce was the messiest of all time, only because I married an abusive bitter person who refused to let go. Be careful who you marry and never tolerate abuse and domestic violence, ever. This made me seriously consider becoming a public speaker and advocate for the things I belive should be share and taught. I should look into that.

This year is also the year I grew into a whole new knowledge of self love and worth. It is important to be in touch with who we are.

A lot of the people I have associated with in the past were people I only messed with because I didn’t are truly special I am. I always loved myself but I didn’t know who I was even though I thought I did at the time. I have now awaken and bonded with my true being. I am whole.

Love, oh love…. I know you read that I mentioned a divorced above. Well, I am engaged now. See, as you grow to love and understand yourself you also learn to identify what is and what isn’t right for yourself. I am happy. I can only wish I met him back in 2006 before I met all these fuckboys in London! We grow and we learn I guess. Here is a drink up for a beautiful and healthy future.

Thank you 2016 for bringing my footwear brand to life! Thanks for all the love, support and protection your year covered me with because the devil was busy trying me this year. However, you continously watched over me. 2016 I thank you.

Now, 2017!!! What’s up?!! Ha!



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