Music from “09 to 14” available on iTunes now.

Music from an EP of mine I once wanted to call “09 to 14” is now available on iTunes as well as other stores click here:Β 09 to 14

Instead of making it an EP per say. I have just decided to make the individual singles. These tracks were recorded in and released 2014 then re-released due to a change in our system.

I wanted the public to have a piece of my voice at different years and era in my life. Also my latest song “Worth More” is greater in quality of sound and better sang as I grew to become a better singer, I feel as though people should be able to look back and hear what I once wrote and what I once sounded like.

You can now find:

  1. Made me who I am
  2. Light your candle
  3. No me without you
  4. Overnight
  5. Women & problems
  6. If your girl only knew
  7. Prepared to die

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Thank you all for stopping by and have a beautiful time,


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