Sending love to Robin Ayers. Congratulations!

via instagram.

This woman here!! @robinayers ❤ time flew by so quickly!! I can’t believe it was 2009/10 that I met you and it’s late 2016 now!! Thanks to @vocalcoachnorwood for being the reason your light came to meet mine. I know we haven’t truly spoken in a minute (my life has been A.. L…O…T) but I want to thank you for answering the phone when I would call back then. I was younger, with my baby and alone in Los Angeles. Singing with Mr. NORWOOD and figuring out what would be next for me. My very begining!! You would always pick up the phone and I was nobody but a vocal coach’s student. Not a friend. Not a family member. “Just” a girl who came from Switzerland/England at the time to America for the 1st time!! I thank you so much. I know I was annoying. I know it must have been overwehlming but you never insulted me or lost patience to my face and you were never rude to me and God knows you didn’t owe me ANYTHING at all!! I will never forget it and because of it all I called you my big sis!! Hopfully we will get back to that relationship in the near future ☺ Thank you again for everything! I am so happy to see all that you do and congratulations on your new career as a HOST and your BOOK!! Sending love to you and your family!! Hi to Robbie!! 😚😘😘😘❤

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