Recording “09 to 14”.

Good morning,

I took all our followers back on certain recording sessions that took place for the recording of my EP: “09 to 14”.

Every songs in this project were recorded in between 2009 and 2014 hence it’s title. The album contains some of the songs I recording during that time in no particular order in terms of subjects and such. I basically felt like my voice and the way I sing was growing and before we move on to the newest version of me with “Worth More” for example, that people should also have the opportunity to listen and experience who I was as a singer-songwriter between 2009/10 when “Preach” came out to now.

In other words it goes like this:

  • 2010 – Preach
  • 2014 – 09 to 14
  • 2016 – Worth More

All my music is available on iTunes and other online stores. You will find my sound on TIDAL too from “Worth More” on.

I would like to thank everybody for liking and commenting on instagram. Daniel Strong Ent. is online at @danielstrongent and I am online at @tambuchristel .

Enjoy the videos below and have a great day!


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