Catching up with Daniel Strong Entertainment LTD

Thank you all for the continued love. It has been a lot of paper work going on as I have posted in the past few posts but we are coming to a close.

As I grown within my field and gain experience I also have to accept the consequences of the lack of professionalism we have beem faces with from our us, as a team, or the people qe hired in the past. For that, I shall be held accountable because I am the director therefore it was my job to oversea what needed to be done in real time.

This say, I took matters in hand and worked towards fixing everything that was due to be resolved business wise.

I share this with you all because business is a lot of work. It is even more of a responsibility if you created your business based on something special to you which is the case for me.

The hardest part in my experience was to juggle personal life and business at the same time.

As you all know, I married and I have children so in that prospect I had to make sure I took care of home yet I also 2anted my business to go forward. The difficult part for me was that my marriage was very challenging so I truggled to keep my sanity in the mist of it all. Being a single mother, or a married woman with a husband who isn’t pro-active, is diffult because you have the responsibility to be a great mother as well as paying the bills and make sure sure that nothing falls behind. It often feels like you are no longer a human being but a robot.

What then happens is that you feel like you can’t fade away in a failed marriage or you can’t fade away looking out for everything and everybody, including your children, even though you love them very much and they are your everything. You need some “You” time. At that point for me came College and University! I also joined the gym!!

You will make mistakes along the way but keep in mind that it is never truly too late to make it all right.

If you have any questions, ask me in the comments.

I wanted to share these words because I want to give different prospectives in business and the reality some may face that are other than debts and bankcrupcy. As you can probably tell, I am exhausted in these pics. The past few days have been hard at work!

Thank you all for reading.



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