Daniel Strong Entertainment Limited: Admin.

Thank you all for everything that you all do. The most important thing and valuable aspect of it all to me is how patient you all are.

I am now writing to you because not only do I sing but I also love business and I am great in music business. I hope that through all that I do I will also inspire start ups.

Administration –Β the complexity or running a biggest can be overwehlming! I have recently hired a team of people who could help me make sure that we are in order with the limited establishments.

Daniel Strong Entertainment is a limited company and I once had so much on my plate in my personal life that I couldn’t keep up with the things I had to do as a director of my own company. Such as my taxes and renewal of certain documents. I did seek for a professional to handle part of it in the past but they failed us and the lack of professionalism on their part was so that my company cost me dearly.
This said, we are back now and the team is fresh and new so you will see the changes shortly.

This post is for the start-ups experiencing challenges and feeling like they don’t know where to turn. You may feel your company will suffer dearly or you may not know how to fix it now that your company has already gone through certain stages that may seem negative or bad. Just know that you can always ger back up. I am!

via instagram – “I would like to take a moment to thank everybody who works for @danielstrongent and everybody who ever worked with me/us. WELCOME TO OUR ACCOUNTANT. WELCOME TO ALL THE BEAUTIFUL ASSISTANTS. WELCOME TO NEW VIDEO DIRECTORS. Today is another that I can put down in my calendar as part of the days that gifted people came in my life and showed massive admiration and motivation in my vision as well as ways to grow. A lot happens behind the scenes yo. It hasn’t been peachy all the time. We came accross a lot of unprofessional people along the way but thank God I was gifted with the ability to fix or contact the right people to fix what needed fixing in no later than 24h mark! Today i feel blessed because…. little do y’all know this is only the begining…. and we began in 2009!

Have a good one,


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