If it all fails, I hope my existence helped one of you.

Good morning beautiful Strong Ones,

Life made it that as I grew older, my privacy became important to me. Many people in this world have this idea that I share too much not baring in mind that the things I share aren’t half of the half of that half of my life. Again, I won’t address those people. I will talk to the ones who love me for the exact same things many fuss about.
Unfortunely for me, I am one of the people who had a journey filled with pain and obstactles but I somehow managed to use these situations that happened in my life to help and give hope to those who considered giving up. I share a lot of information on a variety of things because someone somewhere needs that information. I am here for that person and/or these people.

The simple things in life will make you the happiest. This summer taught me so much about having the people you love around and allowing yourself to grow inside and out at your own pace. What I have learned about our dreams and/purpose is that we often chase the things that aren’t what we need. The things we chase that we believe are very important to us, are often things that we chase for the wrong reasons. All these tend to make us neglect the people and blessings we already have. I am not telling you to stop working for more but I am asking you to sit back and look around then take a minute to be greatful and thankful.

Life is everything but easy and because of that I write posts like Never loose yourself to me someone feel comfortableMentality: “Sticking with the devil you know best.”Your truth & personality will remain.Mental HealthV for Vulnerable.E for Ego.

I got as far I sharing up close and personal insight with you with posts like A letter to the past and Remembering Daniel Strong. and the lastest one Happy birthday to me.

I made religious references to make both believers and non-believers grasp fundamuntal ways of protecting ourselves from negativity with posts like Don’t engage in debates with apostates., Avoid bad associations.Protecting women and children.

Oh, and then you have the activist Tambu who tries to let the world see beyond what they believe they know by writing posts like Wake up!Do black women matter?, Delusion? Confusion? Or both?

If all my professional goals tarnish and vanish I hope that my time with you all online served and helped.

I am a musician. I love singing, writing and producing. I am also a designer and I love creating. I could list all the things I do all day but I am first of all human.

To the ones I care about. The ones who read me because they find hope and help, I care for you and you only. For those who love music, designs and art, I love you dearly.


Tam ❤

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