PART ONE OF MY BIRTHDAY OUTFIT. The ladies wanted to see the shoe game…. leather laced up boots. Thigh high length which cost me no more than around GBP £60 in England 😉 leather jacket was GBP £70 in London with gold details. “Leather” bag with “gold” chain must have been GBP £30 in England too. My $5 US dollars shades some a small shop in Philadelphia and the cotton dress that must have been no more than £50 | I have a big wardrobe and some items are here since 2007!! I rarely if ever wear “big” name brands because I don’t particularly believe that you need to spend thousands to look great. It may not seem like it but I a pretty simple girl. Believe it or not many of my shoes come from “Primark” and small “back end” stores!!! I will say this though….. i have a frame that makes it easy to wear just about anything and I believe to have a little fashion sense in me so I can mix and match anything no matter how low the cost and make it look somehow decent/expensive. Just like many can wear A MILLION BRANDS all at once and make it look like the cheapest things because they weren’t able to pull it off. As for the all white outfit I wore in part TWO of my birthday? The top with white layers was $15 US dollas from a store in Philadelphia. The white jeans were from Primark in England. I dont remember the cost but they were no more than GBP £15-20. I had the same black bag and the same black shades. I bought my white and light pink heels in Switzerland. The shoes were CHF 50.- ☺☺🤗 voiiillaaaaa

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