At peace with my sensuality or sexiness (informal).

Good morning dear Strong Ones,

Many of you may have noticed that I am very comfortable in my own skin. A lot of people don’t mind it as they should simply because it is my life, my body and I do what I please it with it. However, the world we live in has some people saying the same recycled sentences such as “She is a mother. What the hell is wrong with her.”, “Where is her husband? Does he find it normal?”, “What is wrong with this generation?!” and the list goes on.

I will not address any negative energy but I will say this. It is extremally important for women to know themselves and love themselves. Lacking such basic elements about ourselves can cause us to make mistakes we will never forgive ourselves for.

Our choices in friends has a lot to do with the things we have in common. The way we think. The mindset behind our decisions. The level of ambitions we may have. Values. Manners. Goals. All these are things we need to know ourselves first in order to establish if a person is good or bad for us.

Our choices in men/women. We won’t be able to be with the right person and offer the right things if we are in constent doubts with ourselves!! A lot of relationships are disfunctional because one saw the vulnerability in the other and took advantage of the person and a situation. Knowing yourself eliminates a lot of the bad choices we make in love or friendships by simple acknowledging where and when to fall back and go right back to what was the right track for us and stop gettinh side tracked by people who are lost souls with no guidance.

I love myself and I will display the love that I have for myself in many ways. Sometimes it will be through blog entries, posts about education, posts about self employment and music. As well as that, I do and will carry on sharing candid picture about myself if it is how I feel.

I do believe in having a balance and I wouldn’t like to cross that line where my fathet may want to hunt me down. However, yes, I love myself flaws and all.

Thanks to my internet Strong Ones for all the love always.


Tam ā¤

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