Throwback words from Tambu: “Whoopi Goldberg on appropriation.”

Posted on Instagram on July 2nd 2016.

WHOOPI: She is ABSOLUTELY right!! There is NO “ifs” and “buts” about it!! Whoopi is correct!! (1) some say that because white ppl took so much from us that taking their hair is appropriate or whalluva. These wigs/weaves Whoopi is talking about portray traits that ARE NOT of African heritage so why are we so ashamed to wear weaves of black textured styles?? No, women rather wear “becky with the good hair”!!

(2) Unless i watched the wrong video, what she said was that black women that wear “becky’s hair” are looking to do just that “have the good hair”. Rather than wearing weaves that reflect African natural hair styles.

(3) For who still dont agree with her and its fine… we can discuss the fact that African people do produce beings with blond hair and blue eyes WITHOUT the “help” of white genes in us. However, as much as we can talk about the fact that we produce blond hair too, our blond hair is AFRO. The concept of ‘relaxed indian hair’ is NOT african. I think that its delusional to pretend that a good percentage of our women are getting their weaves and wigs to resemble our ancerstors who had afro hair anyway regardless of the colour. Those who didn’t, were from mixed decents. I dont think women are even aware of the brainwash to be honest so its normal for them not to say “yes i wanna look white” BUT they do say “i have brazilian, malaysian hair etc in 6445689 inches!!” 

(4) Its NOT about the hair colour alone but ALSO the texture. We DO NOT naturally have brazilians, indians, malaysian hair. Period. You DON’T BUY Congolese hair, Nigerian hair or Mozambique hair! ☺☺☺ stay woke ppl lol

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