Throwback words from Tambu: “Jesse Williams BET speech.”

Posted on Instagram on July 1st 2016.

JESSE WILLIAMS: I think people are looking at it in the wrong way…. they purposly chose him because sadly it would attracted a wider audience. No matter how shallow that is to people it’s just simple. It’s the same thing with business you sell products to market target. I think they KNEW that if a black person took the stage white ppl wouldn’t pay it no mind. It would just be another nigger talking. Now a “light skin” man said it so they heard him.

This wasn’t for black people because we already knew. JESSE WILLIAMS PURPOSE WAS TO TELL WHITE PPL the message!!! NOT US!! So technically he did help HIS COMMUNITY by using his platform. In a team we all play our roles and if a woman needs to be the attraction, if a light skin man needs to be the sponsor or if an artist needs to be the face of a brand then guess what? We’re all eating!! Team work!! Some are in the office while the others promote and the others endorse and all that time the employees came to work and put in work everyday. It’s team work for the same cause!! What matters, to me, is that ppl heard it LOUDER. I dont give a shit how!! DO YOU KNOW WHO THE CEO OF YOUR COMPANY IS?? NO!! BUT HE STILL GETTING PAID THOUGH!!!! RIGHT!! OKAY!! 😕💭

SIDE NOTE: The same people shouting “we already knew” bla bla bla are the exact same people who killed fellow black people this year alone. Mistreated a bunch of women/men/or their own black kids this year alone. Bought a million designer stuff therefore gave money to “the white man” while they didn’t support their brothers or sisters who started their businesses THIS YEAR ALONE!! Some of yall are too damn MF backwards!! STFU!! 😴

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