Social media: Fun but unhealthy for many.

via Facebook.

Oh word? You forgot I was THEE smartest because I haven’t posted “essays” about life for a min.? Chile, I’m a writter. A very intellectually inclined one at that []. Maybe it’s time I write back on here because many of you done lost their damn minds on AND offline. Y’all get so easily distracted, it’s unreal. I hope that none of y’all look at me and think that I’m cool to “chill with”. I don’t do “chill with” shit.

While you see me post shenanigans and talk irrelevance… I’m out here getting degrees (my second Bachelor and one Masters). I’m out here organizing the launch or a shoe brand. I’m out here recording. I’m out here supporting fellow  black women’s business. I’m out here preparing press. All that while raising three young girls and taking care of my daily/monthly committments.

“Focus” is the word I have for you all today. Smh.

Hey dear readers,

Thank you again for passing by. You never forget to come through and see what’s good and I am Thankful for that.

Today I want to share a concern. I feel like many people starve for the things they don’t have by fantasising about life styles that only showcases the rewards gained through hard work but not the work it took to get these results which is clearly unhealthy. For the most part it influences the mass to think that many people get certain things without working extremaly hard.

The unheathly part is that, unfortunately, the society we will in has a growing percentage of people who aren’t close to their family members. They may not have great or any friends. And, many people suffer from depression, anxiety and lack self-esteem. I am not mad at anyone being successful but the people looking in from an outsider point of view need to understand that a lot of work goes in to prepare products. Practice crafts and put ideas into profitable income.

Nobody that is successul (or gearing to be successful) stays home all day taking selfies without making sure they didn’t post a particular letter. Replied to a certain email. Check inventories. Praticed for their exams. Fed their kids. Paid their rent and bills. A lot of people remain responsible when you are not looking. Do not be fooled. Those who tell you not to pay rent this month and/or take a certain narcotic, did pay their rent own rent this month and they have probably never touched any drugs and drink still water from France everyday.

None of it is easy!! Do not be distracted by the things you see on social media and fade away from your own goals. Your own peace. Your own finances.

Remember a day is 24 hours but an Instagram video is only 60seconds. Snap videos are 10 seconds and Vines are 30seconds. A day is 24 hours guys, 24! In those hours more things happen than 5pictures!

Be entertained by all means but do not loose yourself in it. Do not jeoprodise your work or studies. Do not neglect your comitments. Remain focus and weight in what is and isn’t realistic to a healthy way of living.

Yours truly,


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