Delusion? Confusion? or both?!

via Facebook.

A man (I won’t tag them) wrote: “I hate black women with a European mindset”. To be honest I was gon’ reply: “You’re just mad because they just don’t want you.”

Then I thought, I’m tired of CERTAIN (not all) Afro-americans being delusional as shit. I repeat NOT ALL but maaanyyy!! So here it is: “To be fair, Afro americans are culturally AMERICANS which is technically EUROPEANS. Yes, it’s normal and logical because you left Africa 500years ago and got ripped off your initial culture and self. However, here you are now!! Don’t call on other blacks for “technically” being like you but in different ways. BEFORE YOU COME FOR ME… DON’T unless you’re african (and maybe afro carribean) the rest is IN FACT american in mind and culture. Now, as much as I DO UNDERSTAND what quotes like these are supposed to mean. I personally think that you just wanted to call out on someone who just don’t have the same opinion as you. WISDOM is also accepting that opinions will differ from a person to the next YET be mature enough to keep it moving. Calling out on the world is a form of weakness and/or insecurity and/or discomfort within one’s self.”

This is without the factual truth that ALL some of you know about yourselves were told to you by THE WHITE MAN. The research many of you do come from the books and articles given to you to BY THE WHITE MAN. Many black people teaching are giving you information that are results of research they gathered essentially provided BY THE WHITE MAN. Therefore, you allowed THE WHITE MAN to tell you about your damn self!! Let somebody ask you to go to Africa and find out shit and you will start bugging!! Let an African man teach you something and you will call him a liar!! Imma let your BLACK ASS be great though.

Yup, from your girl (me) but carry on. Seriously ridiculous to me now.

Love, Tam.


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