V for vulnerable.

​”A man who has nowhere to stay will show you all type of love while searching for the woman he truly wants. Don’t be a homeless shelter. Rent paid with sex and false promises fucking up your emotions because you are only the survival option.” – Tam.

Single mother are by nature vulnerable. They have a place to stay but no man to guard it. They have children to raise but no man to protect them. They starve for love often at all the wrong places for all the wrong reasons. It makes things worse if she doesn’t have a relationship with her father. 

Men know this ladies. They know. Let me guess, he is going to move in with you. He isn’t like the other men you’ve met before. He is going to speak to you with (what seems to be) an extended vocabulary so you feel like he isn’t like these other guy “in/from the hood”. He will be the father your children never had. He will give you the love you never had. And together, you will prove to the world that you did make it and they were wrong for questioning your “relationship”. 

I care a lot for many of the girls on my timeline and I understand that it feels like there are so many dickheads out there that we might as well pick one and hope for the best. Forget the betrayals and live as though “shit happens”. A lot of you took these men from their previous partners so you cant fail now. A few of you allowed these men to lead you on for years and fear that if you give up now “what was all the waiting for?” and you cant accept that you may have wasted your time. Some of you are just full of self esteem issues. Some of you just don’t know any better. 

I wont name and shame y’all both men and women. Y’all are grown. Y’all are products of your enviromnents. Y’all are the one who will be on the streets if you don’t play the game. A man once told me “I had no business telling these men to leave if they were unhappy until they found the woman they wanted because i’m not the one who would be on the street.” This man followed to say “You’re here throwing all this knowledge but at the end of the day you are home in peace you dont understand. We gotta do what we gotta do.” 

All this is INCREDIBLY direspectful to my beautiful sisters out there. However, I’ve known women who didn’t mind sleeping with a married man either. So yes, it is none of my business what y’all do BUT this further add to my ideas of many of you and your disfuntions and lack or morals or manners. As he said though, meanwhile y’all are grinding your way to the top…I’m at home chilling.

Be safe out there,



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