E for ego.

As a woman it’s hard to see a man try to get out of his own ways and/or witness him try to get the jobs he dreams of and/or be part of his growth. However, truth be told a lot of them are not in synch with the person they are and who they wish they were.

This year alone i found my self telling men the following:

“I’ve been around you for some time. I’ve seen you and your environment. I’ve witnessed various angles of your worth ethic. I love you and our friendship/relationship/intimacy/work partnership. But,

1. the truth is that you will never come out of this town, city or state because you are not trully putting the work to.”

2. you will never get a better woman than the ones you have had because you don’t deserve a true queen. You may look good but your heart is foul. The things you offer match what the women you encoutered define as happiness and satifaction. Yes, the vulnerable one. Yes, the fatherless ones. You need to leave your ego at the door because no queen will want you by the time your mask will fall off so stop pressuring yourself to impress what will eventually break. The games you play aren’t something a true sister believes in or want her children to be around. “Meet the requirements of your requirements” and you are exatcly where you need to be. Yes, with “her”. The one your ego managed to make you believe was somehow below what you think you “deserve”.”

3. you will never be a professional well paid rapper.”

4. you will never be a succesfull and renown producer.”

5. if you don’t pull yourself together whether that’s for you, your wife, your children and your overall sanity and healthier way of life… you will die inside and this is going to be “it” for the rest of your life.”

Yours sincerly,



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