Do black women matter? (Especially in America & England)

Taken from Tambu-christel’s facebook.

I’ve had the most touching yet disgusting factual conversations with so many of my beautiful sisters over the past few months about the way men (for the most part) are treating us as a whole. Just typing this made me cry. The level of disappointment is so big that i tried to make a video and i broke down.

I rant about a few things and the way i express myself sometimes makes people wonder if i am serious or if a laugh will break out at the end. No, there is no laugh here. The sad part is that even though these stories came from close ones, family and myself…a part of me still didn’t want to make it like it is a serious problem.

Today two sisters told me that the protest made them realise a few things about black men in regards to black women. I cut them off and I said, by the way when is the last time these black men marched for us? We get killed. We get raped. Our kids are unprotected. Don’t we need “our men” to stand up?

I don’t think that dividing us more than we already are is what we need. However, being a black woman is America is not only a problem because the government made it that way. It is essentiay a problem because men treat us the way they do.

Saying “WELL IT’S BOTH WAYS” only does what #Alllivesmatter does to #BlackLivesMatter and you are, to me part of the problem. All I see it’s abuse. Emotional and verbal abuse. My sisters crying. Every week one of us is crying. Every week.

We all like different type of men.

We all live in different neighborhoods.

Different cities and age. Different tastes and attribute but we get the same result. Tears. Over and over again. Doubts. Questions. We have to settle because: “Look around. Who else are you gon get. Might as well pick one and chill. I mean he aint as great as but at least he isnt like such and such.”

Don’t tell me “We are not all the same!!” because 8/10 your homie is…. are you checking him? When he comes to tell you about his fuckery are you telling him #Blacklivesmatter #blackwomenmatter or you laugh and entertain him? I had enough. Some of us are NOT single but it doesn’t stop us from feeling a sister’s pain!!



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