Two months. Two weeks. Two days.

You’d never know the things that “Lies Behind Those Eyes”.

The past two months showed me how far I was willing to go to fight for my life and my sanity. To claim my happiness. To embrace myself, my family and value my worth. Today, more than ever, I know how strong I am and how much more strength would fired out of me if I entered a battle field right now. I exume strength. I am strength. Don’t dare to challenge.

The past two weeks broke me in ways I’ve never expected. I’ve felt things I never felt before. I discovered feelings I never knew before. I cried tears I didn’t know I had before because I lived love I’ve never had before BUT the love grew to become a part of a new version of me, a woman I never been before.

48hours of decisions making and reflecting. The past two days got me to a different place of understanding. I share these words with you because by the time you are done reading, we probably won’t be talking.

Tambu-christel ❤ “Two months, Two weeks and Two days.”

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