Never loose yourself to make someone else feel comfortable.


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Something I know in life is this… when we care for the things we have (or believe we have) we would do just about anything to keep it. It could be a job, a relationship with friends and family or a partner.

What I’ve learned this year is that nothing worth having should make me question my ability to do anything or be anything. Don’t get me wrong I’m very aware of the fact that I’m not perfect and that I need to grow professionally and in myself to become a better version of myself with love and knowledge.

I lost touch of who i was and “my worth” for a long time. Any malicious person who could see that vulnerability in me at that time had the upper hand to be manipulative. I did recognise it sometimes but when I did? I didn’t care. I was a broken.

Thankfully, it comes to a point when you’re able to break out of it. You’re no longer entertaining things that aren’t worth it, aren’t matching your character, aren’t getting you nowhere and most importantly you stay away from the negative energy and ppl who make you unhappy. Some people manage to make you feel as though the way you feel isn’t normal and it will only be temporary happiness. Well, say no to that.

If a person is trying to convince you that your duty is to fight for them and they ain’t fighting for you constantly? Say no to that.

If the good things just disappeared and got replaced with excuses? Get the fuck out of that.

Only give as much as you get. If you give a lot then get a lot. By the time you see yourself giving so much that it drains you? Get… Out…!

You shall not kill yourself softly over a job, friends and family or a man. Never!

2015 was the year of recognition. The importance of self love. I am important. I will treat all my situations as important but I will not allow anything or anyone to manipulate a situation that makes me feel like I’m not important and worthy.

Love yourselves ladies, you’re all you’ve got. If you’ve got kids, know what you are teaching them. Break the cycle now.

Love, Tam.

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  1. This is very true pertaining to most women because they are usually always surrounded by other women and peers that are influential to their lives. Women are influenced by the things that they hear , tis it is imperative that that woman consider the source of any advice that comes their way.

    In furtherance, no woman should ever spread themselves out too thin. Because whenever a woman runs out of love for themselves, there is no love to be given to anyone else


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