Words from Brandy: “No validation needed.”


As you can see in this video, Brandy has clearly grown to embrace new prospectives in life and I love this short clip.

The reason why I decided to share this particular one is because a lot of people ask me or simply wonder and gossip my profession. People want to know what I do and how I get money. They know that I work in entertainment etc but they narrow minded selves don’t understand that you don’t need to be famous to live a life you love to live in the entertainment business. These people are ignorant to me but the point that I wanted to make is that my happiness comes first. I don’t need validation to prove anything to anyone.

I feel very blessed to live a beautiful life and enjoy the beautiful journeys the music industry has allowed me to experience. I’m proud of myself for creating my dream career for myself. I’m thankful to everybody who supports me and I’m hoping that I explore more of who i am and the things I could achieve in life with absolutely no pressure at all.

Thank you all for reading my words.

Your girl,
Tam ♥

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