Black love.

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BLACK LOVE – A man told me that he would never date anything else than a black woman. He loves women. Respects women. He’s a man who thinks that a black man who mistreat a black woman doesn’t love himself. Doesn’t love his mum. I told him that I was colour blind when it comes to dating. I believe in chemistry but the reality is that the more I grew the more I felt like even though I can date out… Even though I may enjoy dating out… I love my chocolate but does our chocolate love us?

I look around and my sisters are left single mothers, neglected, their children have no kings to aspire to be like so they turn out slaves.

Different countries with different cultures. This man wasn’t English. He wasn’t. This man said that a man who blames a black woman’s “behaviour” to mistreat her is full of excuse. He could just leave her if he respect the beauty of them but wasn’t attracted to a particular one.

Being pro-black isn’t being anti white. I love all but I prefer my tea black with one sugar. This man lived long enough to understand the true meaning of black love. Black love is more than big chests and butts on women. Black love is more than a reputation of big body parts on men but it is what our race has been reduce to.

To all my sisters who suffered from a brother, I love you. You are beautiful. I am sorry your heart, mind and body was violated. I pray you find a good strong man who will protect you. You are not responsible for the way they treated you. I love you. Trust me sis, there are beautiful men out there.

With love always,
Tam β™₯

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  1. Love in general should not be predicated on ones physical attributes or their materialism, but more so on the quality of their spirit and mind. As we all grow older, some of our physical qualities tend to diminish, but that has nothing to do with being righteous. For whenever anyone can get past being superficial then, they will understand what it means to truly love themselves and the other person of interest.

    Because so many have an abundance of materialism and even pay to enhance their physical appearances and are still ugly and merely soulless individuals. Because they lack the love that is necessary to carry on for generations.

    Therefore is it best to learn the person of interest for means to love that person. And all the physical and monetary aspects will only be an exsentive.


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