You’re beautiful ♥

via instagram.

I woke this morning and thought about the things I’ve wished for. I witness so many result products of lack of proper upbringing and delusional beings that managed to convince themselves that the way they live is right. I feared I’d meet another like this because i know that id leave simply because im not like that and i dont associate myself with people, projects and environment that doesn’t somehow reflect a part of who i am.

You came along. Courage and bravery defined you. Physical and mental strength, you’re beautiful.

I always say that’s not having problems, the problem but the eay you deal with them that reveals your true character. At this point we all have problems. Some of us have it worst then others. Your ability to solve problems is intelligence. Never running away even when you fear is a true inspiration. I want your arms around me for the rest of my life. – Tambu-christel

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