Working with Daniel Strong Entertainment: A Thought On Education.


Working with Daniel Strong Entertainment Limited is a new feature that I’ve introduced a month ago. The idea behind it is to motivate and inspire young professionals to get to their dreams. In this episode I speak about the importance of education.

We don’t just advice people to do things because it is the right thing to do. We use our lives to tell them that it may be hard to do certain things in life and overcome certain obstacles but we won our battles therefore we know they can do it or better than we did it. Sometimes people don’t want to get advice from people who “have no clue about certain things” so we focus on the things we did live, went through and overcame therefore we do have knowledge on the matters and we’re able to give organic real life take on the things we share.

For education, just know that I’ve graduated from secondary school/high school and college I’m now at university doing two degrees. Here is my HND if it can encourage you all and click here to watch the video on YouTube: A Thought On Education.


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