♥ Him.

Via instagram.

Him ❤ I don’t know how to explain what can’t be explained but felt. I don’t know everything about everything but I know how it feels. Manhood is glory. womenhood is precious. Morals and values shall guide us both and bring us love in abundance.

You are beautiful. Divinely sculptured and intellectually strong. Never a slave to society. Never a follower of misinformed individuals lost in their own cycle of definition of what’s correct or wrong. A fighter for what’s right, his rights. Never too proud to be vulnerable, around me, which makes you the most beautiful man in the world to me.

Your strength and devotion inspire me. Hard working. You’ve inspired me and left a mark in my latest creations. I got you. I’ll support you. Your wishes are my commands and next to you I shall stand.

©2015 Tambu-christel McCaghrey

– Posted from a mobile device.

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