My journey as a presenter.

Good afternoon guys,

Let’s talk about my journey as a presenter!! First and foremost, I would like tell you that it was great dipping onto something new!! Not only was it brilliant but I happen to be great at it!! Therefore, I’ve decided to do more of them and I’m looking forward to it!

Being a presenter in itself is great. I think that the company you work for is actually the factor that would make your entire experience either a blessing or a nightmare. Depending on the type of presenting and the fields it falls into (e.i.: entertainment, music, live sales, sports) the staff could be an annoying or blessing factor also. For me, as long as you’re cool then I’m okay. That’s pretty simple.

My first job a presenter was for a live casino. They call it “Live Casino Dealer”. Basically, you learn rules about the casino and its games then you learn out to present it to a live screen!! People watching you from their homes or where ever in the world they are, they have an opportunity to ask you questions about the games and overall talk to you about anything. You, present the games, discuss them, announce results, respond to them if they asked you a question and smile to the camera. Your hair and make up done. The little routine you do when getting ready. The new friends you make at work!! It was overall an enjoyment!

More opportunities have come this way though. You should see more of me!! I would tell you more but the way my new-found privacy is set up… 😉 More to come.


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