Sky’s listening session (Sky music team).

Dear strong ones,

Thank you for everything that you do and the amount of patience you all have!! I can’t thank you enough for remaining a part of our growth and sending us love and encouragement.

I’ve had the honour to be part of the listening session at Sky HQ. They gave us independent record labels and artists an insight on the type of music they look for to use in their adverts and movies, broadcasting.

The Sky music team welcome us and talked us through the process then we had a listening session. Every attendees had the opportunity to send over one file for review and consideration so the listening session was very interesting because we were able to take notes from the sky team’s feedback.

The event was good. We were greeted with drinks and snacks and Sky staff members made sure we’ve all got answers to our questions in the Q&A.

A list of direct contact in the music team was give to the attendees so it is now up to us to deliver music that Sky would consider.

Thanks to everyone involved for making this happen!!


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