The fine line between hard work and dying from work.


VIA INSTAGRAM: So this happened today…. Where do I start…. One thing about work ethic is to know your limit. Your life is composed of so many different elements that you have to understand that overdoing it will cause you to jeopardise the rest. Example: writing a book, creating a clothing line, finishing my debut album, directing companies and making executive decisions WHILE you have three children to cater to, a house to deal with, university to go to and trying to hit the gym and never missing a meeting/religious commitment? Well guess what… One (or 10) thing has to give. Obviously, god is not the one leaving the list though. In the mist of all these I kept saying “yes but I have a movie premier to attend!!” and obviously everybody gave me the biggest eye rolls but when you are used to work you don’t find it normal not to. I am blessed to do the things I do and I feel honoured that I’m in a financial place that allows me to do that without asking anybody anything. I express my art and myself in my own terms and that’s a blessing and I know it however, one has to know when to chill before heart attacks hit home so to you all Internet people… Know that being unwell means you won’t perform your heart to the best of your ability. Your craft is your signature don’t sign fraudulent checks. Health and create legacy or fade away and be forgotten or even never know to the world who could have benefit from your gift. And if you have a family and children?! Stop right now!! Take a break and come back after your healing process. Love, Tam.


The face you make when you’re on video talking to your mains telling you that you ARE NOT going to the BIGGEST event of your life (in entertainment) full of A-LISTERS because of “health conditions” yet you’re slyly scheming how you’re still going to attend it.
Cinderella Movie Premier Did I mention this will be the biggest red carpet event I’d have been on in my life so far?! The reality is that I may have to watch it on TV if my health doesn’t improve quickly. Pray for me.


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