Merchandise from Daniel Strong Entertainment!

We are thrilled to let you know that our merchandise is live and kicking at

We have decided to show you the packaging and share with you the delivery process. Those who have already ordered theirs know about it so let’s inform the future customers.

First, go to shop.danielstrongent.come to make your order. You have the option to checkout using PayPal or enter your bank details. After putting your address in and typing other information you will be asked to review the items in your basket where you will have an option to add “gift” packaging which is currently an additional £4. You will also have delivery options. You can go for a standard delivery or an express one. Delivery time is between 3-7days depending on where your place of residence is and the type of delivery you’ve chosen. Express delivery takes about 2-3days as the first day is to sort out your items. Mind you, standard delivery is used with DHL so you will have a recorded number emailed to you via email.

Check our below for the pictures we’ve shared today:

This was a standard delivery option with the gift package option. I’ve got a hoodie, a cap and items for my daughters. Daniel Strong Entertainment Limited does merchandise for children from babies to teenagers.

For more pictures follow us on instagram and twitter @danielstrongent

Thank you for reading this post,
Daniel Strong Entertainment Limited

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