Studio life: Day two!!

Hey guys,

Oh lord, oh lord, oh lord!! Today my new found soon-to-be Grammy winning team just wrote our Grammy winning track!! Neither of us currently own one but this is about to change very soon!!

As written in the previous post, I’m carrying on the recording of my music in another studio and that’s where the magic of my debut album will see the light. The project has brought so many different sides of me and I’m feeling very grateful!! I feel very blessed and thankful!!

Today was the day I was introduced to the rest of my team in this journey and I’m so excited to show this beauty to you all. It’s so Grammy worthy!! Y’all just don’t understand!!!

Make sure you stay tuned!! Thank you all for the time you take to check me out!! Thanks to the new co-writers and producers!! Let’s prepare for our Grammy!!

Below are some flicks from my cousin and in the studio. You know we be fooling 😛 enjoy guys!!

….but then this happened 😂😂😂😂😭🙈 we just crazy 😜

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