Mentality: “Sticking with the devil you know best.”

Dear strong ones,

I hope you all are well and healthy!! I hope you’ve had a wonderful time with your families and didn’t break the bank on Black Friday!! I’m sure guilty of that 😦 it’s the first year I did it and boy, I got alot of things I wouldn’t and picked up if it wasn’t discounted 😉 Thank god I live in a civilised place because it wasn’t a circus here!! I’ve seen footage online that were awful!! Thank god we didn’t turn to animals here!

Anyway, let’s get to the subject in hand. I’ve been told this saying “Sticking with the devil you know best” since I was a baby, in french. However, as a kid you get to know many things but you’re not yet able to understand them and apply them so they are just words and sentences until you come to a place of full understanding of the use of them. Unfortunately, some people really do use so many of the negative sides they’ve grown to know/hear about and it’s very unfortunate.

Today, I’ll talk about what I’m seeing alot around me and how sad it actually is.

People are growing to be very scared of lonely. Men are dominating the way women feel about themselves right now which is only because women are extremely insecure. The bad thing is, 80% of men influencing the way women feel or portray themselves are men that have done incredible wrong in life, to their families, to women and children, last not not least they probably did incredibly wrong to their own children. Just looking is sad to see.

Are women that insecure?

Did we come to a place where we know guys are no good so we’ll just be with the one who isn’t as bad as…?

Is it a matter of “product of your environment” situation? When we come from a place that doesn’t ‘produce’ any better so we might as well pick a man and stay there?

Do we under value the definition of love and self-worth?

Do women do as they would advice their daughters to do?

Do women wish for their daughters to live as they do? To have as they have? In that case, what are you wishing your daughters?

What are we teaching our children?

In England for example, you’ll find that it is almost impossible to find a man who hasn’t got kids. Many don’t even claim half the kids they have.
Mind you, it’s the same with women. You may find that it’s equally hard to find a woman who hasn’t got children. What does this say about our society to you? All I see is a big ass mess. No values, no morals. At this point our children could be dating each other and not knowing it. It’s disgusting. Nothing more and nothing less.

“Sticking with the devil you knows best” is very relevant to women who have kids by people they either don’t love anymore or they don’t see the point in being with their partner anymore but they have children together and the fear of finding something new arises way to many questions so they’d rather deal with the devil they already know in fear that the potential “new partner” may turn out to be worst.

This apply to both party actually. Very much so. Men often end up marrying women they know would take all type of crap from them instead of a woman who will challenge them a little. A woman who loves will do anything for her man. Whether she is bossy, very independent, feisty and whatever else. If she loves a man and the man respects she will do anything for him. However, men still go for the “dumb” one. Depending in the type of person he is. He will go for the one who isn’t intellectually inclined. The one who isn’t fashion forward. The one who isn’t here to dispute him. The safe one who provably has self-esteem issues also.

“Sticking with the devil you know best” may be your choice because you don’t want to be the joke of everybody’s conversation. If you’ve had kids by many men, you almost refuse to go through this process again so you’ll stay. You may listen to your girls stories and feel like ‘at least you aint got it that bad’. All these reasons exclude your well being. Women who think as such have neglected themselves. You need to love yourselves first!!

I hope that everybody I thought of while writing this post will heal soon. I hope that you will grow to show your children how strong you are. I hope that you will show your daughters the meaning and value of self love and worth.

Always love yourselves enough to demand love and respect.

My life is far from perfect but I make the best of it. I’ve had to make serious and hurtful decisions but my priority was to install in my children that the love of god and the value in themselves were more important than what people have to say about them. I, personally, only care for my children to tell me that I’m a brilliant mother who makes good decisions. A strong faithful woman who inspire them. The rest? I don’t care.

Thank you all for loving me the way you all do. Thank you for checking this website as often as you do. I’m grateful for your time.

Yours always,


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