BBC’s Children in need.

Dear strong ones,

I hope that you all are blessed and well. I am writing to you today to share that I attended the children in need show and I wanted to express the way I feel about it. Of course, pictures shall follow 😉

I am a sucker for knowledge in my field which is entertainment and I always raise my hand when an opportunity rises up for me to learn!!
I love behind the scenes work. I love directing, staging, producing and of course performing. Many may argue that although I have opportunities to do many things, I should focus on the singing. Well, I do handle my duties as an artist. I work hard as a director. I am a successful student also. Do not worry.

Today was good because I’ve been inspired to plan my stage presence. I am close to establishing what I want Tambu to look like on stage. My way I want people to know me for as a performer. I can’t wait to put that into full effect when I do my first television show. Now check the pictures and enjoy 😛

Thank you guys for passing by as usual 😉 Tam.

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