Press release: Songstress Tambu-christel releases new soulful r&b single, “Preach”.

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Songstress Tambu-christel releases new soulful r&b single, “Preach”

Los Angeles, CA — Emerging singer and songwriter Tambu-christel has announced the release of her highly anticipated soulful r&b ballad titled, “Preach.” Released under the direction of her label, Daniel Strong Entertainment, the new single captures Tambu’s beautifully delivered vocals and the soulful groove of old school r&b influences. “Preach” is currently available on iTunes at:

Written by Tambu, the new single – a perfectly crafted track that successfully showcases her vocal style was produced by KeyChainz and reveals a classic love story about being in love with that special someone in your life. With this latest track, “Preach” has quickly become one of Tambu-christel’s most popular songs. As a former X-Factor contestant, she has proven to be an exceptionally talented artists who continues to push the envelope with her unique voice and songwriting ability

Tambu-christel on Preach:

“The song talks about messing around with someone for a certain amount of time yet coming to realisation that the fun is coming to an end. So, I’m singing to that person saying that if we’re going to mess around one last time. It has to be right,” said Tambu-christel. “This song was originally released in 2010 and was nominated for best R&B at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards in 2011 among other organizations. Due to it’s popularity I plan to add a fresh touch to it, and shoot a music video for this beautiful ballad in the near future.”

Known for her charismatic style and ability to connect with her fans through her lyrics, Tambu-christel’s music is a wonderful reflection of what fans can anticipate from her forthcoming album. With recent appearances in London at the MOBO Awards and the Longchamp/Vogue Party, she is now gearing up for the release of her next single, “Light Your Candle,” and several concert performances.

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