Striving for a simple life and spiritual awareness.

Hi dear strong ones,

I’m writing this post because I’m feeling a few changes in me. I am sharing this particular post because these changes seem stronger than me as if they are out of my control. I’m embracing this transition because it’s gearing towards humbleness, spiritually growth and necessity. I used to be a big spender, I didn’t study my bible the way I do now and I was a materialistic person.

I’ve asked jehovah to change me and make me more like the person he wants me to be. I’ve asked god to give me peace and handed my troubles to him and I’ve asked him to help me get rid of all the bad habits I had to make me a better person and here I am seeing all the changes right here in full effect!!

I’m still and will always be a sinner due to the system we live in. I will always go through pains because we are in the devils playground and pains and suffering is the way of life in this system. It’s only going to get worse until the end comes so i pray and ask God to help me deal with these factors we live everyday.

I never ask God for anything but help to strengthen my ways and jehovah always see me through!! Always!! I cam feel him in me. The holy spirit does not give up on its children. Never.

In addition to this spiritual growth, I must admit that I used to be overly materialistic. Don’t get me wrong, you will catch me shopping. You will see me wear new items however I approach things differently now. I only buy what I believe I need instead of going for all the things I want. I also look at price tags instead of throwing everything in the chart.
These things may seems pointless or irrelevant to some of you readers but I couldn’t sleep without writing this post.

Now, many may argue that due to my line of work this particular post may be contradictory. Yes, the world of entertainment is full of “fakery” and extravagant rented things but the beauty of being an independent artist is that I gave myself the opportunity to rise in my field while somehow taking a look at to figure out what I want to be known for. I can also decide the level/amount of involvement I want to have in this business. As well as all that, I’m in full control of my image.

My spiritual journey is more important than popularity so ultimately I wish to be successful enough to fund my family daily way of life without having my face all over the gossip magazine.

I cherish my private life yet I love performing. It’s about balance. I’ll figure it out.

Thank you lord for listening to me and helping me become a better person, parent, woman, wife and daughter. Thank you for everything that you do.

Thanks to all the readers for your time.

Yours truly,

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