[NEW MUSIC + AUDIO-VIDEO] Debut album preview from my car.

My dear oh dear strong ones where do I even beggiinnnnnn!

I was in my car and I decided to share a few seconds of a few tracks of mine. The response was overwhelming!! My phone started to ring like never before and a few comment landed on my instagram and Facebook as well as a few retweets and favs from twitter.

I’ve been doing music for a minute now and I guess some of y’all didn’t realise the seriousness of the vision and project at hand because so many of you were so shocked it seems y’all just found out I sang! I am grateful for you all and the love you all shared with me throughout the years!! Let’s carry on this beautiful journey by making sure the release of this beautiful music happens smoothly and that it gets all the recognition it deserves because y’all know I’ve worked on it with every single bit of my being. As usual my late son was my ultimate inspiration and my daughters gave me purpose.

Enjoy the videos I’ve previously posted on instagram and please note that none of these tracks are mixed and mastered yet. Enjoy nonetheless.

My account is normally set at private but I do let the world lurke away at times. However, you can follow and unfollow my business account as you please at @DanielStrongEnt

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