Words from Simon Cowell.

Simon Cowell said something on the line of “It comes to a point in the competition where looking like you’ve just woke up and remembered you had work to do, doesn’t do it anymore.” referring to an X-factor UK contestant. His point was that the singer was very talented but he didn’t make an effort to impress and when you have fierce competitions with other people who are dedicated to impress, you can lose your seat by not playing the part.
Yes, I don’t have competition and I am my own boss doing things in my own time but hear me out… That statement stayed with me for a minute because I get very comfortable at times. So comfortable that other people look at some of my pictures and feel offended by thinking about the time people took to get ready and turn up while I may have come wearing a tracksuit.

In all honesty, Simon statement reminded me of two events I happened to have neglected those “Look ready and pretty” factors.

1) The AIM music awards: as many African women stated, my hair was a mess. Believe it or not my hair was done two hours prior to the event. However, the weather damage everything I’ve paid for which seriously annoyed me and I’m not doing weaves again for that exact reason. The weather is too much of a factor when you have that hairstyle and it stresses me out so not again. Also, a teenager local to where I reside was reported missing. My daughter took the matter at heart so I promised her that we would look for her. I wanted my daughter to know that when such thing happen the community drops what they have to do to help and be a part of founding a missing person (children). I felt like if I didn’t show her by example that she wouldn’t hear me out if I told her that yet ran off for a red carpet. You know, like it would be contradictory to whatever statement I intended to teach her.



Doing this for my daughter and to help the family of course, whom I’ve contacted prior to that so they could indicate us where to get the posters from, ultimately made me two hours late. However, I don’t regret. I personally did not care about the state of my hair and the fact that I went there without make up simply because at the end of the day I was there, I was invited, I had received the opportunity, I was pictured with fellow industry people and this alone made me grateful. So, I didn’t care about my hair.

2) Visiting VEVO HQ in London: that particular blog post received a serious amount of hits and I gained new followers on social media especially instagram where people are asking me if I can put them on. Having paid attention to what Simon Cowell said tonight though, made me think about that post.
I love the pictures me and my team take and I love the things I do but it seems like I am not grasping and realising who I am becoming.
At this point of my career I should pay more attention of my look and the way I portray myself. It doesn’t me wearing make up. It doesn’t mean having heels. It doesn’t mean plastic surgery. However, it does mean looking lean. I’m here to say that I must admit that I often have the attitude of ‘pick up and go’ and I should make an effort to take a little more time to take care of myself as I am meeting important people who probably made an effort for me also. It’s almost like being respectful of people’s time and effort.

Everybody wants to look good for the people they are meeting. A party they are organising. It’s about effort and respect I think. And, in that prospect I think that I’m too caught up in being grateful to be here that I’m not respecting the effort people made to have me there. I’m too comfortable thinking that at the end I made it. However, I don’t consider that people took extra time to look and smell good for me and other people coming.

I do take showers twice a day and I smell wonderful but I am here to acknowledge where I can improve to be a better and more respectful me. So my take on this is that as well as being thankful and grateful, I shall also be respectful of other people’s time and effort they put in and I shall do the same in return. Let’s grow!!

Yours truly,

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