The “dream team” I’ve worked to get. We’ve already made it.


To all my strong ones out there, I just came back from a music industry event and I feel blessed beyond belief.

Many years ago I was here grieving my first born and I felt like life wasn’t worth living and from there I’ve build a home away from which is my company and the things I do through it. I love being a music industry professional. I love being surrounded by executives and other representatives of anything to do with firms that’s work in entertainment.

I’ve met with my new photographer today and we had a blast! Once we’ve got to know each other though the work we had to do at the event, we sat down for a minute and spoke about how blessed we were. We both have jobs we actually love doing and we both created businesses in the fields we’ve enjoyed. Me being an entertainer and director and her being a photographer and videographer.

Then we highlighted the fact that we could die any day and feel at ease knowing that we’ve lived the way we wanted to live. I will write a post about the event we went to tomorrow. Those who follow me online in social media already know what it was but the point of this post is to embrace the fact that no matter what happens from now on, we are aware of how blessed we are and we do know that we have the chance to live what many dream of.

I love my life and I am blessed. I have a beautiful team of stylist, makeup artist, photographer, hairdresser. I have and run my own record label which you know with myself as an executive producer and amazing other individuals in production, engineers, writers. In marketing we have public relations covered and other marketing tools as well as video production.
The list could go on and on plus I have my own agent and more…all this to say that my son brought me here in so many ways. I never thought life would turn this way but I worked hard!! I have a lot of children. I study. I do so many things but I work so hard for this and never gave up! I did have breaks but never gave up.

I now have my dream team and you will see more of us. I’ve worked so hard to find us all. I’ve had sleepless nights to get us all where we needed to be. I’m convinced that we will make it. I’m ready. They all will play their parts into making me the best I can be. Together, we are now a team. I love them all!

Yours truly,

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