Don’t engage in debates with apostates.

From a Christian point of view

God’s words give specific advice concerning the type of unrighteousness that Christians must renounce or reject. We find that Paul tells Timothy “not to fight about words” and “reject empty speeches”(2 Timothy 2:19, 14, 16, 23).

People tend to introduce controversial ideas. Even if the latter are not directly unscriptural, they are divisive which result in bickering and arguments over words, creating a spiritually unhealthy atmosphere. Hence, why we shall “reject foolish and ignorant debates”.

Sometimes people genuinely intent to help individuals however certain conversations would be contrary to the scriptures above. Rather, we should completely avoid and reject apostasy.

From a worldly view

We live in a world where people are wishing misery upon others and it all honesty I have been on of those. We live in a place where people wish marriages to fail. Men and women betray each other. Our kids get bullied at school. Establishments get robbed. It seems like anger, frustrations and pain and hurt is everywhere we turn. We are only humans some are unstable beings overwhelmed with feelings and we often don’t know where to turn to express them which is often the reason why we turn from victims to perpetrators.

Life is not easy and many are not religious enough to seriously consider what I wrote above but the bottom line is really simple. Do not associate your with a person or a situation that will put you in a position or hurt and pain that may lead to something else.

As for engaging with people out there, know yourself and know who to be around doesn’t distract you from holy knowledge or personal sanity. If you know that people will blog about you, don’t read blogs. If you feel like going to a certain place will bring you problems, do not enter that building. If you believe that attending a certain party may turn out to be a nightmare, don’t gamble and stay home.

In all and all, keep yourself safe. Teach your children about the influences around and the things to simply not engage with. Strive for sanity. A drama free life.

Thank you for reading today. Yours truly,


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