Avoid bad associations.

Good morning Strong Ones,

I hope you all are okay and I will start this entry with “You are what you eat”.

There’s no such thing as “guilty by association” because you are just as guilty as your associations if you make a conscious decision to be affiliated with them there you should be prepared to all consequences attached to the partnership you’re being involved with however important or irrelevant it is to your personal point of view, says the lawyer and authoritarian person in me.

From a Christian view, you should bare in mind the following:

In what other ways may those “calling on the name of God announce unrighteousness”? By avoiding close association with people who practice unrighteousness. Jehovah’s people striving to live clean lives should avoid intimacy with individuals in the congregation who persistently disregard god’s principles (1 corinthians 15:33).

On that note, have a wonderful day my loved ones 😉



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