Children in entertainment by Robin Ayers. Thoughts?!

Hey my beloved strong ones,

A friend of mine that I dearly value recently wrote a post on about children in the entertainment business. The lovely woman has two beautiful twin daughters and they have been I’m the field since babies. The whole family from parents to daughters are blessed. Very talented and god fearing. They are truly god sent. I met Robin when I started my vocal lessons with Mr. Norwood and associated me on so much that I ended up feeling so embarrassed and clueless!! None-the-less, we kept in touch and follow each others journeys ever since 🙂

Robin is now a renown host. She has spoken with established acts in entertainment as well as radio gigs. The talented child of God is a respectable married woman who sings on the looowww but don’t tell her I’ve told you 😉 haha.

Click on the following link to be redirected to her blog post: it’s Robin Ayers

I felt it was a rather interesting topic because I have similar conversations with my husband and other parents in entertainment so this is what I replied to her post:

As I commented on your website but there is a moderation block… ” I don’t believe in kids being in this entertainment business. Period. I think they can be anything they want but being “famous” before knowing what you’re getting into is a NO.

Well, you know me already and I have passion for the music business but I am an adult. My daughters just signed a deal to write stories for kids. I pray everyday that they become SUCCESSFUL (authors, doctors, lawyers) and not FAMOUS (kardashians and many others)”

There are alot of billionaires out there that we don’t know. And they live life the best. Mind you, my children are 6yrs old- 2yrs old- 7months old. If they wish different as adult so be it but otherwise hell nah. Yet I’m a very paranoid protective mum. It is all fun when you’re young until things get realign their teens or so. I did create an instagram account for them but it will.never get to the point of hiring an agent for publicity and promo etc. No no no… The publisher sells book. People shall buy the books.

Of course i stated that this comment was of no offence at all. I was sharing an opinion but it made me wonder what did you guys think about it. Thoughts?

Yours truly,

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