Holiday season: New Jersey, New York and Washington DC.

We’re all up north America right now!! I have no real words for those trips but great memories. I can guide you through certain things that happened as I found some pictures and footages but I have to say that I need to go back there!!

So, it all started from Geneva when we took off for an adventure 😉 from there we arrived in New Jersey.



I didn’t get the chance to visit it because we had to be in New York where we stayed at a friends for a couple of weeks. We stayed in the Bronx for that time.


New York was good but I didn’t particularly enjoy it. It just like a big version of London to the point where certain shops were almost identical. It was good I mean everything is bigger and you have alot of things to do so I guess it may be a place I should go back to without my children so I can enjoy the night life madness it has and places that adults shall make the most off.
While at my friend’s though I kept Vlogging. I used to post videos of me singing songs that people would request me to sing and post them online. I don’t really do that anymore but when I looked back at the files of old times it made me go back to that place when I was starting my journey to where I am now!

From NY came Washington DC!! Yall I love this place!!


Awwwww my baby girl travelled alot but she enjoyed it!! So, we arrived and decided to grab some food before we hit the road.

We stayed in the hotel renaissance in DC and made the most of our tourism. I seriously love this place there is no words. My love for DC is real close to my love for LA!! Check my pictures below:



I wish I had more to say but it was an amazing time and I am very thankful for the fact that I am able to do those things with my children!! Thank you for passing by and don’t forget to enjoy your holidays!!

Yours truly,

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