Thank you all!! I feel the love!! …via Instagram


“It’s all about the Benjamins!!” …thank you all for you support!! I hope my mains @silentbx @deidah @robinayers @vocalcoachnorwood been following me grow in the making of my debut album like my close ones did!! Thanks to the new followers too your love and respect is real!! I’m forever thankful to my son Daniel for giving life and @danielstrongent!! I’m currently draaanking waaaatttaaamelleh with my husband @themccaghreys and he said he doesn’t know anyone who would have picked themselves up like I did after our son died!! I love my son do much. Daniel I grieve you😍 …thanks to @iamaprildaniels and @brandydaily for having my back… And you little siblings @4evertamara2011 @mekhiturner I see y’all!! I love my family. My father. Mothers. Cousins!! I love you all!! Thanks to my besties Naz & Shelly!! 👌💃💕 oh last but not least #sharon on Twitter!!

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