London Expo 2014!!


Today was an amazing business day at the Excel center for The business show 2014 in London.

I particularly enjoyed it because I just love business in general and having my own business I have this passion for the way business works. No matter what field you work in the operations needed to make your ideas establish themselves and earn money from them will require the same fundamental tools that make a business work and most importantly succeed.

I loved today’s show for the following reasons:

  • I was being taken seriously. I gained enough knowledge over the years that I came to a point where I can “talk that talk and walk that walk” as many would say. So many people are trying to enter the entertainment world that it is becoming very difficult for media outlets to pick which ones should make covers or articles. As a young black female who happens to be a singer signed to her own label could confuse people as to how do I separate the two and will I be able to maintain balance in my business etc. Therefore, for people to have all these assumptions about me but see that I do handle myself right and that I do have knowledge meaning that I know what I am doing makes them want to get to know me more. It make them feel like being partners with me could be something worth doing.
  • I have found everybody I needed to get my business where I want it to be. I do not know how far we will go together but I know that we had such a chemistry that makes you say “Yes, this is my team”. They all love the idea of building something great and powerful by building it together. Starting from the bottom up together. Mind you, some of them are well established and others work for the government!! Again, I am proud that I was able to put myself together to get to the point of getting all these people to love me and my energy and representing my business to its full potential just the way it should!
  • Last but not least, I started this business in honor of my late son Daniel because I felt like keeping busy was the only way to keep me alive. When my son died a few years back I felt like I died. I was very suicidal and i was writing songs to keep me busy in between thoughts of killing myself so me to be where I am in life and what I have done with my life since those dark days brightens my days. I hope that my son is somewhere proud. I hope that the people who follow me online and love me for who I am are proud and i hope to inspire people along the way. All this to explain why my business means that much more to me.



Now, let me show you who shall be a part of my team in pictures and what is it they do then we can share candid pictures of day of me and my bestie who is now an “A&R Representative”!!


International trade adviser, Martin. I will explain his role in details once we start working together but lets say that without him we will not have the government credibility backing us up internationally! Big uh?! Yeah I know!


Whenever you see us on TV it will be because of him!! Yes you heard right here is Paul TV advertisement specialist.


Here is my main man Richard who works in a partnership company helping people with business advice and other things such as IT support, tax and payroll and so on!! I loved talking to this man we had fun!


This is where my heart melted 😉 music publishing PPL and PRS were in the building. I don’t need PRS because I am already registered with BMI however I do need PPL to track where our music will be played. Their role is to track where your music is used (radio, TV ads, Movies, clubs) and they collect your royalties for you!


This man is Chris Powell a event planner expert. We approached them because we do need experienced people to help us plan any album releases and other parties we may do!

We met a lot of people and took a lot of pictures so I won’t put them all but it was a great day and I am thankful to anyone who had me and my bestie there! We can not wait to do more of these and create a team that can fight through it all to be the best label we can be. To all our future artists I hope that you find peace in knowing that we are official and we are serious in making your career take off and reach its full potential!

IMG_20140516_132550 (1)

Thank you guys for the day! It was amazing and I can’t wait to do more of these!! I shall see you all soon. Take care of yourselves 🙂


A&R rep. Shelly Rose 😉

Thank you again for having us. I can’t express enough how happy and grateful I am!




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