Spirit lifted (diary)

Hey my dear “Strong Ones”

The past weeks have been rather emotional around here!! I felt like I was giving up on humanity. So many things of negative natures happen every day and they keep on happening because some people actually salute and co-sign these actions!!

My concern grew bigger when I realized that a large amount of women are being extremely disrespectful towards other women over immature and often non accurate facts. We are mothers. We bare the children. We take care of households and so much more these days than ever. I bleed every time I see a mother cry and read or hear a fellow mother insult any part of the situation as to why this woman could be crying. Where is your education? Where are your values? Where is the shame? Who is to blame? – Well I blame these women’s mothers because they weren’t able to teach their daughters to either lift a woman up or shut the fuck up!

A lot of these conflicts between women are because a man is in the picture somewhere. I’ve just heard that a teenage girl shot her fellow classmate in Chicago because she heard that the other girl fancied the guy she like. She wasn’t even his girl! Not that it would have been better if she was but I’m just saying…what in the hell is this? -Again, I will blame the parents! In this case her uncle, who was probably like a father figure to her told her that “she had to do what she had to do” I mean really?

Now on a personal note, I have been in situations where I would have knocked a b*tch out with every single bit that I am. Not fearing jail. Not feeling pain. Just knowing that day would have been the day them or I would have died in this b*tch right about then!! Yep, that deep. However I am growing to realise that life is always in favour of the truth meaning that there is absolutely nothing that you will do that will be worse than what life has in store for whoever it is messing up.

As the days go by I’m seeing right here before my eyes more beauty than negativity in women!! And this has uplifted my spirit. To know that the numbers of loving, caring and selfless women outgrows the ignorant badly raised ones got my heart back to where it is supposed to be. These beautiful women worldwide in all shapes and colours are role models and heros to me. They have the ability to teach young girls better and aspire to better things in life!

To the daughters who are unfortunate to have ignorant mothers I hope they break that circle one day and become great leaders!

Last but not least, thank you my African sisters “the chibok girls” because you have united a nation for your rescue. When the government failed you miserably trust that women all over the world in all shape and colours tried the best way they could to be here for you. You brought the best in women and men. You are forever an inspiration to the world. We don’t know where you are and some of you left us for the ultimate better place but dead or alive know that you’ve been a part of changing this world!

I love you my sisters. I love you dear mothers in pain and agony. I feel your pain mama and please know that we are all with you all in spirit. God is watching.

With love,
Tambu-christel McCaghrey


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