#BringBackOurGirls (diary)


My bestie saw this pic of me and said that I looked sad. I told her that the hours i spent at the gym yesterday was dedicated to release stress. I lost all type of faith in humanity. I feel broken 💔 I look at my children and I pray that god PROTECTS MY GIRLS. I think about the life of Daniel too and all I see is people that deserve nothing but hell all up and through. I’m actually considering going back home. I was born and raised in Montreux, Switzerland. I gotta go back!!


I feel heart broken the pain I’m feeling is not “just” about our daughters the chibok girls but I feel for these mothers. Watching these African queens crying with no knowledge whether to grieve already or imaging the TERROR their daughters, nieces, grand children ARE living 😥 if it was my daughters I would have died already of MAJOR anxiety, stress, grief, depression…everything at once!!

I am not Nigerian and I’m obviously too young at 26 years old to have kids aged 12-16-18 but the reason why all this got to me is because as a mother I just don’t understand the un-educated mentally of other mothers and their selfishness. As a parent, I don’t understand why a father would put himself in a unwanted situation because we all know that 99% of the time things are avoidable. As a human being I just don’t get how we managed to get so low in life. We, the human race, have become so ignorant to the fullest of all foolishness.

Bullies …WELL EXPERIENCED BULLIES, murderers, rapists and women that live abusive domestic violence!
I just want this world to end. God needs to send Jesus to end this world right about now.

Everything evil in this world gotta get what god has in store for them in full force. I feel so ashamed to know that god is watching down thinking that we done lost our minds!! It’s heart breaking my soul was not ready for this life of sin!!

Thank you for reading 😦

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